Harvest time again

I love harvest time in the country.  Red peppers and other vegetable matter are laying out everywhere, drying, and you can measure the day’s labor of one man’s scythe by the real estate that has been cut.  Even the small struggling boutiques have peppers drying on the floor of their display windows, showing how anyone with even a square meter of earth is going to use it to plant produce.  I’d have taken photos, but my camera was temporarily missing, due to imbibing a little too much last weekend.

Me & chingus at the Jarasum Jazz Festival

Fortunately, my friend had it. The cheap sunglasses didn’t survive, though…It’s okay:  a small price to pay for a lovely day.  Nothing can make you love where you are more than a beautiful day, good friends, and live jazz.

The river-front park in near-by Gapyoung
Healthy pavng for bare feet

The motto of the day

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