I can relate

So like always I’m a couple years late watching these movies.  Part of it’s because I’m just always a little late on everything, and the other part is because I’m in Korea and if it’s on cable, then it’s bound to be purposefully released late.  Anyway, these are usually pretty good movies (maybe not academy award winners) but also often under-appreciated at the box office.

Tonight’s fare is Shanghai Kiss.  And all through this movie I’m smacking my forehead saying, “yes! yes! omg…”

Watch this movie.  This is what it’s like to move to another country, developed far beyond one’s wildest imagination, looking like everyone else, being a foreigner, unable to speak the language, and grappling with questions like, “what is love?” and “what is family?” and “what am I?”

Me.  Trying to get home…

3 thoughts on “I can relate

  1. Somebody told me about this film, and Hayden Panettiere is all over my kid’s J14’s and such, so I decided to check it out on Wikipedia. It sounds like something she might like, so I’ll ask if she’d like to rent it–thanks for the tip!

    Were you good with the ending or were you rooting for him to stay in Shanghai or did you have any strong feelings about that either way?

    From the write-up I also liked the way this film seemed to touch on racism from so many perspectives.

    By the way, I’ve been really enjoying your posts of late and your herbally modified kitty is adorable.

  2. Well, it’s a very light-weight date movie, so it only explores these issues at the level illustrated above. But the acting is good and it’s charming. And you know, a lot of times we are impulsive and confused and don’t sit around heavily weighing and sifting everything like they did in The Joy Luck Club. Plus I like how sardonic the lead character is. Like a lot of the transracials I know… :)

    I thought the ending was fine, btw. Glad you appreciate my more boring life of late!

  3. “Like a lot of the transracials I know… :)”

    DD has that down pat. Interesting observation.

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