Chris is back!

I know, I know.  It’s fluff, watching a singing talent contest, titled “SuperStarK” no less — but my life is so dull, it’s a guilty pleasure.

So today they brought back three people they shouldn’t have cut in the first place.  They did a lot of mean things throughout SuperWeek to make the competition more fierce – like ask group members, “so if all of your members got send home, whose fault would it be?” So unnecessary…they did this to this awesome little girl too…cut her and then brought her back every single time.  I guess making her cry twice isn’t enough, gotta go for the magic number.

See for yourself and see the amazing a capella version of Queen’s Somebody to love and you’ll see why I’m rooting for Chris and Christina, and not because they’re both from the U.S.

The people they’d let through initially in their place couldn’t stay on pitch.  They had to go.  Welcome back, Chris!

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with who made it in the top ten.  Except for these guys, I think they had more to prove.

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