What we care about

So I’d decided this year that there is no such thing as justice for us.  The past is something we can’t do anything about:  there is only now and the future.  So it just does no good to waste energy on the past.  And as for history, we record that with our narratives.  And as for making our mark – I’m happy to leave that to other people who care more about that than learning how to live well with what they’ve got.

What I do care about is pretty basic – let’s be treated fairly today. Let’s not forget that adoptees who’ve been displaced still deserve that.

Currently government funding of Birth Family Searches has been withdrawn, and the Korean government is surveying how to redistribute funds to support implementation of the adoption law revision, whose language primarily is concerned with children’s rights (which we support) but which woefully neglects to address many adoptee rights issues.  With or without adoptee activism, Korea is ready to stop being seen as the baby exporting nation.  But it still doesn’t know how to take care of its own people without resorting to private adoption agencies to reduce their social services.  It is an uncertain time for those of us with a vested interest, in this country with a 6% tax base.

Who’s going to take care of our adoptee needs?   I certainly have no confidence in the adoption agencies, the same people who brokered our exportation, to do it.  The government’s previous proposals appear to do it, but in actuality they still defer to the adoption agencies to do it, so I greatly fear it will be business as usual, with new clothes.

So what I’ve been spending my time on lately is this:

The new website - click on image

Sadly, this isn’t the first and this won’t be the last attempt to do what others fail to do for us. However, I hope to make this as comprehensive as possible. Please poke around and see the structure and its early posts. It’s only going to get better and better, as I fill it with content I’ve gathered from all the other neglected places.

Looking desperately for bi-lingual volunteers to translate little bits here and there. Please contact me if you’re interested in helping out!


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