3 thoughts on “What I really wanted to say

  1. It’s inevitable: at some point you will be accused of “terrorism” of one sort or another (it used to be “communism”). That’s how low ‘entitled’ people invariably stoop, when their backs are finally to the wall.

    Hang tough. You are obviously winning.

  2. Thanks for your support: I just had to respond to those points the adoption industry hides behind. The debate so often stops when adoption agencies and their supporters say, “but what about the handicapped children?” because nobody wants to be seen throwing eggs at Mother Theresa.

    But it shouldn’t stop there. Because they AREN’T Mother Theresa, and someone needs to call them out on their false logic.

    Being called a terrorist is the least of my worries, since those who speak out against international adoption have been stalked, assaulted, sent death threats, and had their property burned. But we have to do what we have to do because identities are at stake.

    I am, unfortunately, only winning with the few people I know. We don’t have the the means to take large donations meant to support children and spend them on PR like the big agencies do. Nor do we have the means to pay lobbyists in Capitol Hill. We only have the fifth estate. Please distribute liberally the link in my post above.


  3. I honestly believe the industry can be toppled over. What Jim said – hang tough.

    I remember back in 2004 my wife was in DC and ended up in the same car as the Korean ambassador to the US and he told her that he hoped that adoption out of Korea would be ended within ten years. That was around the time when we were first seriously questioning what we had become a part of.

    It is just the vibe I have felt all along. Lots of little things. The foster mom of my younger son when my wife was with her in Seoul. They locked heads a lot because this woman was quite angry. My wife is a strong personality too but she understood.

    Someday I will smile when I think of my parenthood as the most wonderful mistake I ever made. If that makes any sense.

    We’re pulling for you and Jane and your peers.

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