3 a.m.

Since last weekend where commuting daily from Seoul and couch-surving, getting only about four hours sleep and taking the first train to CheongPyoeng to make it to school in time, I’m falling asleep as soon as I get home and waking up at midnight…this is not good…

Anyway, just wanted to pen a quick note before I write tomorrow’s broadcast and fall back asleep.  It’s going to be a little thin for awhile.  Working on a huge project to be unveiled in June, and will be pretty much sleep deprived and out of commission until that time.  So much to write about, yet no time!

Also sorry to have written so much about adoption lately:  things are heating up here politically and personally:  adoption day was this Tuesday, and our the TRACK/ ASK / Miss Mama Mia coalition bill to improve social services to families was presented to the  National Assembly that day.  I guess Jane went as a kangaroo!

note to myself: spring has arrived, visiting Gugok Falls, Munbae, and Chuncheon in Gangwon, open classroom, lost my wallet, rice paddies all irrigated, starters uncovered and planting should be soon.

Nice meeting you at the film screening, M.M.!

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