Hope for humanity…

…resides in some of the following people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know:…


She’s an adoptive mom who’s seen the light and realized adoption is not about her, but about what’s best for the children.  She’s tirelessly fought to reunite her children with their families, and here is the result of her efforts:

Tori's son and his grandmother meet for the first time

The entire family is learning Korean and hopes to return annually to spend time with the boy’s biological extended family.


Greg is this gentle giant with a huge heart.  One day a week, he sells Paella in the market in Provence to support TRACK.   Not only does he support TRACK, but he also supports two children’s homes in Sri Lanka.

Greg, his family, and the KBS film crew

family preservation is humble work
but oh so satisfying

Greg is the most generous, thoughtful, and proactive person I’ve ever not met!  He always talks about how beautiful and wonderful life is, and his work is always about making a brighter future.

Greg's daughter Carla, holding her doudou -- which I'm told is French for security blanket -- and isn't it lovely that her doudou is TRACK's new mascot!

One thought on “Hope for humanity…

  1. “No love have I for the sluggards, the sedentaries of the heart; for those who barter nothing of themselves become nothing. Life will not have served to ripen them. For them Time flows like a handful of sand and wears them down.” Antoine de Saint Exupery- The Wisdom of the Sands

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