My New Name

Seems everyone has a problem with my names.  Leanne is too difficult to say.  Everyone agrees I shouldn’t go by Young-Sook, since it doesn’t seem foreign -enough.  Suki gets a weird reaction too.  The language exchange guy told me I should change it.  Over and over again.  He really didn’t like it at all.  He says it’s too familiar, and not keeping with the politeness level a person of my status should receive.  So it makes him uncomfortable.

Today at lunch, Y asked me if I had a nick-name.  “Yeah,” I told her,” Suki.” No.  She wanted a REAL nick-name.  Like Cho-Sam-a being called “eating machine.”  (the funny guy with the comb-over)  So she made ChoSam-a come up with a name for me, and he ended up calling me Mulan (the Disney character) because he says I have big eyes and I am strong and brave.

ha ha ha ha ha!  Anyway, I thought you’d all get a kick out of  that.  They made a color print of her and have her hanging up by my desk now.

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