PSAT, Korean Style

So today was the Pre SAT’s in Korea.  Got to play test proctor all day.  (only it’s much more boring than I’d remembered from my college days, where I worked in the testing office)

The kids are being tested ALL DAY.  Us teachers at least get a changing of the guard.  Evening classes are cancelled, since the kids minds will be fried by then.  A week from now is midterms, and then the following week is Spring Break.  I had to wake up four kids today, during the exam.  I smiled as lovingly as I could at them, instead of scowling.  I don’t think the Korean teachers were going to bother waking them up – but I slept through a final exam once, and  nobody bothered to wake me up – had to take an entire quarter of Physics over as a result.  So hell yeah, I’m happy to wake them upl

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