Life is Beautiful

Okay.  So In-Kyung went to the bank with me today to find out why my foreign remittance didn’t work.

Turns out I had made my remittance 40 minutes after the ATM quit recording for the day.  So actually, I never sent it.  But I never would have known, because I can’t read Korean, and the info was right there all along.  AARGH!!!  All those bank fees for the non-sufficient funds for my auto-pay bills could have been avoided if only I could read!!!

So I went to the ATM, tried it again, and it went through like a dream.

And now that I know I have some money (had no idea for sure if the money was here, in the U.S., or in cyber-space somewhere)  I also faxed my alien registration card to the internet company, and in a couple days I will have internet!


3 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful

  1. Yay!!! Internet!! When are you going to post a video of your apartment? David and I want to see it!

  2. I’m waiting for the cable person to arrive right now. I’ve already video’d the apartment, just been unable to upload it. Yayy! Now I can be a video’g fool!

  3. Aargh! The IT guy doesn’t know how to deal with apples, and to top that off, it’s all in English. This might take another week…

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