2 thoughts on “Home box home

  1. Suki your apartment is amazing!!! now i understand why everyone wants to live in a hive. but seriously im really jealous of everything from all your dishes, storage space (you actually have more than on drawer), and an enclosed shower. i could go on and on but… oh yeah and now the world knows how to get into your door

  2. It IS a pretty sweet apartment – and this place has a water filtration system too. Even the Korean teachers were jealous. But don’t you live in an officetel? Yes they do too, but they have their whole families in them. So I am definitely living the Mary Tyler Moore lifestyle right now.

    Only nobody’s flirting with me and nobody comes over. :(

    I think the place is about ten years old though. The hand-held shower head doesn’t work, and the vinyl on the walls is nicked up and dirty.

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