Ahhh, back to school food again.  Lunch and dinner.  Every day.

Now, in America one wouldn’t look forward to that, and it would be real bland.  But, it’s rare to have anything bland in Korea!  Some days the menu doesn’t make sense, like the days I’m grousing “Where’s the protein?  Is there ANY protein today?” or “How many kinds of starch can we have in one meal?”  But most days, it’s pretty good, and at least it’s not the same one pot of stuff that I make do with every day until it’s gone, like at home.

Today’s fare was smoked duck for lunch, with sweet mustard sauced cole slaw, kimchi and I-can’t-remember- which soup, and for dinner we had bulgogi, bokkeum kimchi, and radish/sesame seed/& onion soup.   Can you imagine having that at a U.S. school?  Mmmm….

Post dinner I am sitting here, putting some home-work on my flash drive and looking for eyeglass places, and I ran across this:

Architecture you can wear - Stix glases, Designer: Brad Gressel via Yanko Designs

Too cool.  Can I get them in burgundy, Brad?

Anyway, I think I’ll be heading to Namdaemun this weekend to find some cheap glasses and get a new prescription, as I can’t see anymore.   Supposedly you can get them made in the same day, in just a few hours, and you can get an eye exam without an appointment.  And there are thousands and thousands of glasses for super cheap.   I can probably do this for really cheap, since I WILL NOT make the mistake of buying expensive bi-focals again, which are what cost so much last time.

Bi-focals are totally worthless and infurating for me, as I never look down to read – I look straight ahead at my computer screen to read, and drawing & painting, so arms length is where it’s at for me.   I tend to have my glasses on my head most of the time, because my crappy vision without glasses is better than my vision with glasses because where I need to see is between the prescription for distance that makes up most of the lens, and the prescription for reading which makes up the other 10%.

I’ve also decided to scrap the idea of saving for lasek surgery.  One, I can’t really afford it even if it is half what it costs in the U.S.  Two, my eyes are already dry and would just turn to prunes if the common dry eye side-effect of surgery were to take place, and Three, you only have one set of eyes, so maybe I’ll be conservative, especially after reading some people who’ve had nothing but regrets and now have to spend a lot of time and money trying to deal with wrong after-effects.  I mean, I’m already dealing with getting dealt a kitten that thinks love is carving their name in your skin, so I’m sure eye operations would end up in much the same way!  So when I get to Vegas, I’m going to try these Wave Lens Rigid Gas Permeable lenses instead.  Healthy, custom fit, half the price, no side effects, and no risks.

Next month Momo gets spayed,  and then I have to start mailing my things to my daughter, one small box at a time, and then the following month I have to get Momo micro-chipped and rabies vaccinated, and the month after that I buy Momo and me luggage, and then it’s vacation when there will be no school lunches and I’ll have to spend double what I normally do eating out at the same old restaurants.

And then?  (sigh)  then I can get on a plane…the thought of that is just so relaxing, you just don’t know…

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  1. Wow, I hope you write a Hello Again America blog when you get back. Should be a fair amount of reverse culture shock (wait, is that redundant?). I’m already in suspense about whether you will love or hate it here. I will say I doubt you can get patbingsu where you are going, but I’ll come visit you and your beast anyway.

  2. Hmmmm…I think you are a masochist…

    You know, going back after New Year’s didn’t seem shocking at all. I was giddy with delight most of the time I wasn’t feeling trapped without transportation while the kids were at school, so I don’t imagine there will be much reverse culture shock for me.

    I really do want to take those fashion design classes, so I’m sure if I can manage to do that, I’d be very much into blogging about that. Maybe I’ll make you something gray when you come visit…

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