Garden of the morning calm

So I’m a mess lately and having trouble sorting myself out enough to write, but while organizing and purging my bookmarks I ran across this video:

Whenever any Korean hears that I’m from Cheongpyeong, they usually do an ahh!  and a There’s a beautiful garden there – morning calm!.

So here is a video of Cheongpyeong’s Garden of the morning calm.

The mountains, butterflies, and water I’m definitely accustomed to seeing, but it would sure be nice to see it WITHOUT cars, apartments, and street garbage.  So I definitely have to get to it soon, as it’s right on the edge of my town.

Speaking of calm, this weekend I’ll be cat-sitting a 1 yr. old cat, so hopefully that will mellow out Momo a bit.

3 thoughts on “Garden of the morning calm

  1. I know…(jealous)…

    But I DO play his videos for my kids as filler. I turn off the sound and use them in reverse, saying the words in English for them. It is more interesting for them, and the Korean and English are all there written out already.

    The thing is he throws in too much at one time for them to be able to digest it all at once. And if you play something more than once, they will get on you for having seen it before. They just do not see the value in repetition, but that is what they sorely need!

  2. I realize now I was having momentary altzheimer{s regarding chun won vs. man won. Actually, if it was $350 it might be worth it to me, just to hang on a wall framed…but approx. $550 is beyond the realm of possibility just for a bolero sized jacket.

    I think the added weight I have packed on this month is getting to me. I have an ajumma tummy right now. I get no exercise because Momo attacks my feet when I try, and I eat too much.when there is no school and I have to eat out or end up at the convenience store out of boredom. I think, for the first time ever, I must seriously try and diet. Ugh.

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