furry ball of cuteness

Here is Momo afraid of her own image, just before she went from baby to kitten, about two weeks ago?  Her eyes changed from blue to hazel about that time too…

As I’m screaming in pain, spending all my money on Nature’s Miracle, washing laundry, and having my ears gnawed on, I remind myself how freaking cute she is and hope she’ll mellow out soon.  And she IS adorable most of the time!

My human children were so much easier…!!!

ADDED:  Momo was really unhappy I spent the time uploading this video.  As soon as I stopped to play with her and give her a treat, she made a beeline to my bed and protested.  (sigh)

While writing this post, she was hanging from my underarm by a claw…(ouch) Anyway, one guy named Cory is also at his wits end and isn’t above consulting a witch doctor if need be.

When my wounds have stopped bleeding and I let Momo back in the room, I think we’ll watch the next episode where Cory enlists the aid of a magician…

2 thoughts on “furry ball of cuteness

  1. U put a fiking harness/leash on a CAT?! This is why I will always be a dog person. LOL. Good luck.

  2. Actually, a LOT of cats are leash trained, (that’s why you can purchase cat harnesses and leads) and Momo is half-way there. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere suitable for us to walk near where I live. I carry her to the corner store and back. She can’t decide if she hates it or likes it: motors and small children scare her a little, but she’s also interested in the outside world and is calmer once we get home. When we are close to home (past the dogs and out of the street) I put her on the ground and successfully walk her with a leash through our parking lot and up the stairs to our apartment.

    That harness in the video was a training harness I made her from bra straps. Because she’s had a harness on for the past month, she’s totally used to it. I got her used to a leash by putting on a rabbit harness/lead and enticing her forward with a feather-on-a-stick toy, while keeping the leash in light tension, so it’s part of play-time. She’s only graduated to a real harness this week because they didn’t come small enough. She’s actually a month or more ahead of schedule for beginning leash training, so I’m confident she’ll be able to have fun with it soon.

    Walking a cat is better than a dog, because it’s optional, vs. a chore I am forced to do two to three times a day. I’ve had dogs and cats, and I prefer cats because they take less effort and don’t smell as strong. I’ve never had a cat with biting and behavior issues before, and this is only because I’ve never rescued a kitten so young it didn’t get the opportunity to be schooled by its mom or litter-mates.

    Hopefully she will grow out of it, and I am doing all I can to teach her. I will never adopt a cat this young ever again. But I have to stick with her now that she depends on me.

    Today I took her to a grassy patch at the daycare next to me. I think she really liked it, though she managed to miss all the butterflies and dragon flies that passed overhead. Hope the daycare doesn’t mind, but I never see kids in that area so I think it will become Momo’s new wild kingdom. The best part it, she’s laying on my lap all serene right now…

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