Adoptee explores food, culture, roots in new PBS cooking series

New  show by Korean Adoptee, Kim Chi Chronicles

The hostess is Marja Vongerichten.  Her bio, from Half  Korean states:

Marja was born in Korea to a Korean mother and an American soldier. She was later adopted at the age of 3 by a Virginia family in 1979. Later in life, she reunited with her birth mother in New York.

She was Miss District of Columbia Teen USA 1991 (as Marja Allen) and has worked as an actress and model.

Marja’s husband is world renown chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

So the first in the series aired last month, check out your local PBS for the time-slot in your area.

5 thoughts on “Adoptee explores food, culture, roots in new PBS cooking series

  1. Stong women with great sex appeal, easy on the eyes. Very creative and passionate about Korean food. As a New Yorker, she seems to have that New York “chip” on her shoulder or “attitude” which deflates my interest at certain points of her show.

  2. Haven’t had the pleasure (or irritation to some, it seems) to watch it, as we don’t get PBS here in Korea and on-line streaming of episodes is banned as well. Of course, I am interested in hearing how her reunion with her family has affected her view of Korea, it’s culture, and her thoughts about international adoption, so I’d probably overlook regional attitude differences.

    Coming from Seattle, I’ve often found New Yorker’s criticisms valid, yet the way they expressed them did little to improve the situation.

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