a precious Korean princess…made just for you

My friend Kim Gohyang posted this on Facebook.

Christians adopters feel like having miscarriage because of recent changes in Korean adoption programs.

Quote from her blog:

“While the circumstances of life can be deeply painful and confusing, God is always with us. In the past week we have talked, grieved and cried over the recent changes in Korea. In some ways the difficult news felt like a miscarriage, or the loss of a dream. However, God has been speaking to us over and over again about trusting His timing and His perfect plan.”

Of course, their God’s perfect plan is to make a girl in someone else’s womb in the other end of the earth just for them.

” Jenni and Mike, the Lord knows who your daughter is. She has been created knowing that you are going to be her mom and dad.[…]it will forever change the life of a precious Korean princess, who has been made just for you.”


And people wonder why so many adoptees are a-religious!




7 thoughts on “a precious Korean princess…made just for you

  1. Wow – just wow…if God was so all powerful he would just fix her womb instead of creating a situtation that causes loss…

    Imagine giving mothers one week after birth to decide whether to parent or place instead of siging away rights before birth…tell me what is wrong with that?

    Imagine giving mothers services to parent…

    IImagine wanting those surrendered to be raised in their home country.

    Imagine a day when adoption does not happen.

  2. I have always had problem with the christian doctrines. in my opinion christianity is an imperialistic religion.

  3. Yikes.

    One of the worst moments for me as a parent was meeting Christian adoptive parents for the first time.

  4. you guys should write a joint blog! ha ha ha…

    anyway, is it any wonder adoptees often get tense when they get a wiff of people talking about god’s plan…

  5. thats some pretty sick shit.. and a good example of how imperialism, white fantasies, and religion can form a big bubbling fetid stew of nasty

  6. maybe i should amend that from white fantasies to American, wealthy, or Western fantasies considering there are Korean adoptees who are themselves brewing up their own privileged fantasies of ownership rooted in imperialism, capitalism and judeochristian values…. one of my adopted coworkers, whos now teaching in Korea, has been posting things like “Korean babies are so cute…I want one! Can’t wait to adopt my own!” on facebook lately. I dont get why she doesnt just make one herself, haha…

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