8 thoughts on “despair

  1. you’re totally not alone. . .i wonder if it’s the weather because it seems almost everyone i’m talking to thesedays is depressed. . .or just very lonely. 3/5 of the people i regularly talk to in seoul especially. oh, and of course me too, kimsaebom.wordpress.com.

    i read your blog often and i haven’t commented until now. .. so know i’m glad you’re writing and you’re not alone ~^^ saebom

  2. For the first time in Korean drama, there is a drama about a female president on SBS. The show premiered on wednesday and will air weekly on wed/thur at 21:55 and the title is DaeMul or 대물. The drama stars one of my favorite actress and her name is Ko Hyunjung. She is also and former Miss Korea and was once married to a son of a jaebol. I thought this might interest you.

  3. Miss Ko also played a role in an epic drama call Queen Seonduk. The drama was about the first queen in the Korean history and it took place during the Silla dynasty. She played the character Misil who was like the sorcerer of the kingdom. She was very powerful and had muliple husbands which was accept during that time. Aparently, women during the Silla dynasty had equal rights as the men. Very interesting chapter of the Korean history. As a feminist, I thought you might be interested unless you already knew.

  4. I can totally empathize with your feeling alone, but please know that you are not. There are many of us who read and find comfort/understanding/enlightenment/healing/you name it in your words and stories. You help us to feel less lonely.

    Thank you so much for taking the time and being brave enough to document your return to Korea and your story. In a way, you are taking a bullet for all of us.

    Um, I know this might sounds kind of dumb, and its totally up to you, but I have a smart, terribly funny, 30 something friend currently in Seoul teaching. Could I give you her email address?

  5. That’s sweet, rae, but I need a caring face IN my world.

    It’s the 250 hours bound and gagged between Saturdays that are killing me. It’s a whole life of having no one who can (really) relate to me.

    I have to find some way to deal with being trapped here.

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