where has serendipity lead you?

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It lead me to my new favorite blog.  With way over 2 million hits since 2007 I guess I’m a little late on the uptake (since I get less literate with each year) but I guess better late than never.

What’s great about James Turnball’s blog is his sharp eye.  (and what better measure of a society than its advertising messages?)  And how vigilant he is.  He’s right on top of all the things that make me crazy here in Korea.  I don’t always agree with him, but his analysis is always well studied and not as bombastic as, say, Ask a Korean who, btw, drives me insane referring to himself in the third person…Turnball’s just SMART.  It’s a great blog not only for the writing, but also because the images he shares can tell you way more than those-other-bloggers rants can.  Plus, he’s not trying to be edgy or flex his pecs.  He’s just really interested in the world he lives in!  You should really peruse it if you’re interested in Korean society.

For the particular article above I was greatly behind his stance of not insulting the intelligence or diminishing Korean women, but on the other hand I also thought he was a little quick to denounce the commenter Jake’s interjection of western colonialism into the power dynamics of mixed race relationships in Korea, though I agree his agenda to stop the emasculating of Asian men went a little overboard this time.

I kind of thought they were both right, if that’s possible.  (Korea is SO COMPLICATED) —  Too bad I am too chicken shit to jump into the water there, as I know I can’t hold my own because I know I do the opposite of most comenters/debaters — I’m always trying to simplify instead of magnify details —  But I do like to follow his exploration of gender issues in Korea, am glad somebody’s willing to go there in detail, and wanted to turn you onto his blog

Turnball and his wife clearly have a relationship based on respect and he probably confabs with people whom he can carry on an intelligent discussion with.  But I think a lot of Korean women are confused (and who can blame them?) and maybe a lot simpler than the women he’s spoken with.  And it is these simpler women who may resemble what Jake alludes to.  And I’ve met so many Caucasian men here who DON’T resemble Turnball and can’t think beyond their zippers or admit their yellow fever.

My take on the willingness to date Caucasian men is because they treat women better.  Actually, Korean men seem very sweet, charming, and old-fashioned and westerners are very forward, a little crass, and move fast – but at the end of the day/month/year – they get more respect from Caucasian men.  And it’s because they come from a country and a culture where respect is required and women are more like equals so their expectations are refreshingly different.

Too bad I’ve been traumatized my whole life by men with yellow fever, otherwise maybe I could be happy being treated nice by a Caucasian here.

Oh wait.

I keep forgetting that here I’m not yellow enough even for an LBH…

Maybe I should consult with Turnball for the next TRACK campaign…

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