Typhoon to possibly hit Seoul today!

Just issued a warning by the state department.  Winds of up to 98 mph possible…and I was told there were no natural disasters plaguing this country!  Hmmph!

I wondered about that, since it’s just north of a string of islands and surrounded by water…

Thankfully, I’m inland quite a ways and the winds will have been slowed down a lot.  A typhoon, by the way, is essentially the same as a hurricane but born in the Pacific and heading towards Asia.  I weathered a near hit by what they called a tropical cylone (again, essentially the same thing) in Guam and several tropical depressions while there, and it was fun and exciting (and fortunately there was no damage).  It rained like crazy, the wind picked up, the barometric pressure got really weird and then the entire sky turned GREEN.  I almost died because my cat got out of its box as I was driving to stay with friends and she insisted on hugging my feet, between my feet and the brake pedal, and I couldn’t extract her for the life of me.  I finally just had to step on her…Back at home after a lot of debris to clean up and water infiltration, but my cinderblock home was essentially cyclone proof.

There hasn’t been any drills for typhoons in my school, or any kind of drill for anything, for that matter, so I’ve no idea what we’re supposed to do.  But really I’m looking forward to that strange feeling in the sky, similar to tornado weather in the midwest.  Hopefully it doesn’t make landfall in Seoul.  There are a LOT of decaying slums that would be a disaster and human tragedy were they to be hit.

I’ll just madly scramble to get my morning broadcast done in time for school tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll make it be about storms…

4 thoughts on “Typhoon to possibly hit Seoul today!

  1. Well, I do remember that on my trip to Ganeung last year they said that their festival started to appease the mountain gods about 100 years previous, after a typhoon had hit Korea. I was shocked to hear there were typhoons at all, and our guide said not to worry – it only happens every hundred years or so. So I guess we’re right on target…

    The 92 mph (a typo on my part earlier) was just as predicted, and that is a category 2 typhoon. So as soon as it hit land, it went from a 3 to a 2. It also hit 6 hours earlier than predicted, which was right about the time I was walking to school. Some trees down, and power outages that didn’t last long. I was kind of smug that I wore my army jacket w/hood while everyone else had out their umbrellas, which are all mangled now.

    All in all a very short interruption. I’d write more, but I have to return to school for the night classes. Every day I bring home work, try to do that name deciphering from Jane’s blog, try to get my copy editing done for my friend’s memoirs, think about the projects I started, despair about the TRACK website which I keep getting interrupted during the middle of creating the complicated multi-lingual portion. Fal asleep (like now) at inconvenient times, and wake up hours before dawn, do some work and fall asleep again, barely waking up in time to make it to school on time.

    will write more later…

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