5 thoughts on “proud mama

  1. sweet video!

    it must be nice to have a real skill when you finish college. he’s gonna be makin bank when he graduates

  2. I don’t know about making bank, but at least he will definitely be competitive in a burgeoning field. (digital animation) Thank God his talents and interests are also marketable!

    I hope he can have the fortitude to survive production more than I did with the architecture profession – they’re both collaborative (difficult) design processes that are endless and grueling in their tedium. The element of fantasy might actually make it more psychologically sustainable, as most architecture can never live up to it’s lofty pretenses.

    Pixar was founded by moneyed computer programmers, Steve Jobs, and two other guys, as an off-shoot of Lucasfilms.

  3. Yeah, I actually work for Mr. Jobs.

    Pushing hard on rare and pertinent skills and finding your creativity can lead to much bank. Focus on being GOOD. And that mostly takes high standards and the persistence to achieve them. In the being better wins.

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