First Person Plural

Documentary film about the true story of Deanne Borshay, who was  swapped with another girl and sent to live her life in America.  It’s on-line for streaming video viewing until September 11th…

My access is restricted because I’m in Korea.  :(

And here is the trailer for her new documentary, a sequel where she goes to look for the other girl.  It will air on PBS on September 14th

2 thoughts on “First Person Plural

  1. I watched it again and I was happy to see that she appears to have had a very loving American mother.
    Years ago I watched a show on PBS that profiled a Vietnamese girl who was taken to the states, raised, got married and had a child. In her twenties she decided to go back to Vietnam, alone, to find her mother and family.
    She had the services of an interpreter and found her Vietnamese family.
    It wasn’t too long into their reunion that they asked her for money. This upset her very much.
    And she left soon after. But as her Vietnamese mother said this is part of the culture, family asks for help when needed.
    So for her the family reunion did not work out very well.
    I did find one part of Deanne’s story somewhat amusing and that was when she was with her Korean mother and you could see how disappointed her Korean mother was when she found out Deanne was not married, yet. at thirty.
    I just thought: how typical ajumma……

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