Cuban cigars and cookie tins

I’m having a bitch of a time finding translators for my shoe-making aspirations.  So, while I research how to get some I’ve found something equally rewarding and with a shorter payoff.  And that is (drum-roll please): guitars! banjos!

Yup, I’m gonna make my own home-grown instrument experiments.  Tomorrow I’m picking up Cuban cigar boxes, supposedly the head teacher in my office does wood-working and can tell me where to get some wood for the neck, and I can probably find the hardware and strings I need at Yamaha music stores, one of which I know exactly where to go.  Fortunately, with the internet, there is excellent instruction on how to make and play these things.  Also tomorrow I’m heading back to the Seoul Folk Flea Market to scavenge for cookie tins or mess kits and other found items I might be able to use for bridges and decoration.

I love DIY culture!

Yeah I know – it’s not social.  Ah, who the hell cares.  Maybe I’ll start something new here in Korea.  Maybe Korea has some found items just screaming to become hybrid home-grown junkyard instruments/art.  This is yet another project I probably won’t finish and which I shouldn’t air publicly to spare myself embarrassment later, but it’s exciting to me and interested people are interesting people and that’s when I meet people, when I’m interested in something and not because I’m out to meet people.

So I’ll probably be writing less and being activist less and spending more time trying to let out my inner muddy waters.

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