Korea’s Lost Children

Check out the BBC documentary, Korea’s Lost Children featuring:

yours truly,

Jane Jeong Trenka, (president of TRACK)

Hyun-Sook (founder of Miss Mama Mia)

Molly Holt (president of Holt Children’s Services Korea)

Two connections I failed to make in the documentary (gah!  so close…media attention will be over long before I ever even come close to mastering being fully present for it):

  1. 13 years after the war, the reason I was abandoned was BECAUSE adoption agencies had set themselves up as the only solution for difficult family situations.  And NOT just standing by at the ready, but actively canvassing for children. It was a propaganda wave and a system set up to pipeline children straight to the airport.  That’s just chilling in my book.
  2. Adoption agencies say they MUST be here or catastrophic conclusions will become realities.  When in actuality, their presence retards the implementation of adequate social programming.

One question everyone should ask themselves is:  Why are the adoption agencies against laws to improve social programming and protecting the civil rights of children? Shouldn’t it be the goal of every adoption program on the planet, especially a Christian organization, to no longer be needed? Who do they care the most about?  Hmm?

And something everyone should consider is:  When you choose to ignore questionable ethics and continue to participate out of self interest, then your own ethics are also questionable. And nearly every adoptee I’ve spoken with, even the ones that had great experiences, you can tell.  You can tell how they came to become family does not feel good to them.

So why aren’t we all working together to clean the mess up?  I’ll tell you why:


6 thoughts on “Korea’s Lost Children

  1. this is maybe the best adoption related post so far, i think, because of its clarity and brevity. forwarding to my friends… p.s. i love you

  2. Well, you know me – unfortunately I have to masticate a l-o-n-g time before I can get to clear and/or brief!

    Also, I’ve been talking extemporaneously only to myself or to close friends and family – so only recently have I thrown in posts directed at a larger audience, which suddenly I seem to have.

    ha ha! who I will quickly lose because I don’t want to talk about adoption if I can help it!

  3. Just wanted to add that I LOVED that Molly Holt had to go and talk about children dead, buried on hillsides. That interview with her came AFTER mine, btw, neither of us knowing what the other was saying!

    Like that’s really going to happen here. I think she’s still living in 1956…

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