The inevitable mistakes of mass production

I’d just like you to know that my Korean friend Miwha has posted a great photo essay of the art installation on her DAUM blog.

Please share this with your Korean-speaking friends and Korean national friends.  Thanks!

above photos by Lee, Miwha

Explaining the installation to the lawmakers while Rev. Kim translates.

2 thoughts on “The inevitable mistakes of mass production

  1. suki you look awesome! and the installation looks amazing! im sorry i wasnt able to get my act together and send you my “for sale” picture. thank jesus im almost finished with this horrible hogwan job though. we’ll catch up soon ^^

  2. WILLIE! Yeah, it’s amazing what a shower in your own home with your own shampoo can do! (my school let me leave early so I could clean up)

    There’s still time to send me your mug. We’re operating as if we’ll send this on the road, and we were a little light on photos, so we may put another call out.

    Awww, that’s too bad about the job – I thought you were having fun with the adults…

    Do catch up soon. We miss you!

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