everything’s white

Almost halfway to the first rough cut.  The rough cut is necessary just so it’s a manageable (cough) piece.  Then, I have to determine where the two casing will be stitched from the middle and mark it with a pen, and then from there measure where the exact hem will be. Some other radical feminist adoptees are going to come over and help me Sunday.  Thank God – it’s six days to show time!  …I’m going to have them help me mark dots on the fabric so people can locate where to hang their tags. That will be done with chalk dust, hopefully.  Making a jig with a lot of holes in it and will beat it with a sock full of chalk dust… And since I only have one sewing machine, maybe we’ll take turns sewing the casings on.  The hem will be done with double-sided tape.  Sounds easy, but have you ever tried to keep 6′-0″ of tape straight working with really lightweight fabric that’s mostly a spun polyester?

Each roll is 50 yards.  I’ve gotten through 4 so far.  Only one of me, and 600 yards of fabric.  This would not be so daunting if there was one other person here, so they could join the two pieces while I cut or vice-versa.  I really wish I had a video camera person here right now.  The fabric billowing as I pull it off the roll is really beautiful.  Arm over arm over arm as I measure each piece, my knees crunching on the floor as I bend down to cut each one.  the workout of this act is just one more piece of the picture that, other than me stopping to take these still shots which are totally inadequate, makes up this work.

Jane and I are beginning to hear supportive words from adoptees all over the world and getting some participation here in Seoul.  It’s like a mad race now to see just how much we can do/how much we can do in a short time with limited manpower, to get our message across.

Anyway, if I was a praying person, I’d pray for a seamstress to come live with me for the next week.  Anyone?

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