This endless winter

It’s April 28th, the high today will be 9 degrees Centigrade (not including windchill) and the low will be 2 dgrees Centigrade.  That’s a high of  less than 48 degrees Fahrenheit, and a low of 36.  It’s always a few degrees colder here in the mountains, and because people have less money here, people conserve on the heat, so it actually feels (and is) closer to 10 degrees colder (Fahrenheit) than Seoul at all times.  But this is an unseasonably long winter, in Seoul or wherever you are in Korea.

School is unbearably cold.  When the temperature was zero or below, they put the heat on.  But now that it’s “warmer” there’s no heat all day, so it’s actually colder now than in the winter.  Never mind that it’s almost May, I am frozen all the time.

I imagine it’s been hard for the farmers, as the ground gets broken but not much planting has occurred.   I’ve only seen one rice field irrigated, and it hasn’t been planted either.  The starts are shivering under cold frames:  waiting, waiting, for some warmer weather.

Only the cherry trees seem to know it’s spring, as they are in full blossom and have been for several weeks now.  This Saturday I’m exploring the area with a friend.  The on-line information is that sugar maples are tapped here until the end of April – but I wonder if it will go later this season.   Also, late May Azeleas cover the region with a riot of purple, but I wonder if it will be pushed even further in to June or July.  From the moment I got off the plane, my entire stay, Koreans have been saying that this is a really strange year.

It’s been a really strange year.

3 thoughts on “This endless winter

  1. A deep freeze is good for budding plants. Accept your sacrifice for the greater good!

  2. I’ll try to think like a budding plant…

    and yeah, I figured I should put my own photo up there instead of one I got from someone else.

    That’s from Andong, btw…

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