Less than a week after the skin treatment, the bane of my existence these past three years is gone, gone, gone.  Without a trace.  Really, it’s the best $100 I’ve ever spent in my entire life.  A much better solution than troweling on make-up for the rest of my days.

Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Spotless

  1. That means I would need to scare up at least $10,000 to fix this travesty I have here…

  2. ha ha ha!

    No. If you were serious, for a lot of spots, you’d be a candidate for the Luminus IPL, which costs $400 a treatment and takes 3-5 treatments. So, that would be $1,200 to $2,000. They have a lot of different treatments depending on if it’s just pigmentation problems or if there’s been scarring, etc. Dermatology’s come a long ways since the days of massive shots of anti-biotics and dangerous hormone treatments.

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