Dreaming a world

Live here in Korea, meet the unwed mothers, and you learn quickly that the most backwards thing about this place is social services to women being ignored in favor of sending babies to other countries.

As long as adoption agencies offer this convenient way to hide family shame, why should society bother to change?  International adoption contributes to the perpetuation of the problem, instead of helping solve anything.  Their token responses to this criticism are not enough.

Read these women’s stories:  They’re not just statistics, but real living, loving, deserving, human beings.  Humans that deserve a chance.

Dreaming a World
From the publisher:

“Dreaming a World: Korean Birth Mothers Tell Their Stories is a wonderful new follow-up to I Wish for You a Beautiful Life.

A powerful follow-up to I Wish for You a Beautiful Life, this new book gives voice to seventeen Korean birth mothers, who tell their stories looking back from the present to the time they were pregnant and gave birth. They describe their situations then, the decisions they had to make, and their lives in the time since. What they have to tell us is both heart-breaking and compelling, from voices seldom heard.

Proceeds from this book support the work Ae Ran Won does together with and on behalf of the unmarried mothers who decide to keep their babies. These women receive very little support, financial or emotional. The many authors of this book hope you read it, understand more about their lives and the work that needs to be done for others like them, and give your own financial and emotional support to Ae Ran Won and the single mothers.”

Ae Ran Won’s website is http://www.aeranwon.com/

Available from Amazon.com here

In my own talks with the unwed moms, I asked them what message they had for the world, that perhaps wasn’t being communicated well.  They told me, “The world thinks we abandon our babies.  But we never wanted to abandon our babies.  Actually, society abandoned us.”

4 thoughts on “Dreaming a world

  1. This one showed up on the night stand recently. Brings about bouts of “Oh my God” and goosebumps to realize what we have been a part of.

  2. My wife just had a great idea. For mother’s day we will donate to Ae Ran Won and similar organizations rather than spend the money on gifts for ourselves.

    Any other APs that read this might consider doing that too. :)

  3. loud applause.

    now if we can just get people to stop supporting adoption agencies (the trash can) and instead support families in crisis (the supposed trash) the world would be a better place.

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