sorry to be awol

I’ve been really, really, REALLY busy.  My house is a mess, I’m dirty, don’t have any clean clothes, and eating while running to catch trains.

Saying goodbye to Chingus, purchasing teaching materials, organizing volunteer meetings, editing my friend’s memoirs, creating a new website, running to Cheongpyong 3 times, getting my hair done, shopping for a dozen items on-line when there are THOUSANDS of pages of items for each item, getting lost in my new town and getting lost coming home, etc.

There’s a billion things to write about and no time to write, and Tuesday I start my new job in a totally different scenario, under totally different circumstances.  And the following Saturday I move – AGAIN.

So come back in a week, and there should be a long, long post about this third chapter on my stay in Korea, as an ethnic Korean who’s not really a Korean but looks Korean, trying to break the social barriers as an anti-social person in a place where social connectedness means everything, working in the only capacity she can, as a foreigner speaking a foreign language.

Despite all the blows, this has been/is an incredible experience.  I am hopeful.

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