A decision has been made for me

Sorry to leave you, my friends and family, in suspense.

I’ve been churning out another website for TRACK while deliberating.

Negotiated an interview at the news agency, and despite scrambling to make that interview happen in a deadline timely manner, those in charge of hiring were still unable to give me anything concrete upon which to justify taking the position:  a position that hasn’t yet been created, with a salary that hasn’t been defined, benefits that haven’t been defined, and a start date which hasn’t been defined.

Inside sources tell me that foreign workers have been arrogantly critical of the journalism being produced and, therefore, one of those hiring was open to hiring a non professional writer as editing staff.  But another one acted like journalism was only the realm of special people and that I couldn’t possibly understand what that kind of writing entails.  I told them I would be happy to wait for a job opening, but that I needed to at least know what I was waiting for.  They weren’t willing to give me even one item to hold out for, so I had to decline.

Maybe stringing potential candidates along indefinitely works for Koreans, as so many still live with their families and have support networks in place during times of unemployment.  I, too, have been offered support by a dear friend during this process, which is what gave me license to consider the job in the first place.  But as wonderful as that support was, it would only be temporary and not help me should, at the end of the wait period, I am rejected and facing unemployment.  Witnessing the two men in charge of hiring’s division of opinion regarding my potential was alarming enough for me to see that it was too much of a risk.    CheongPyeong it is!

Negotiating with the school has proven very fruitful, and they are allowing me to approve or disapprove my housing, since they haven’t secured any yet.  (their former teacher was married and had his own housing)  Also, they own no furnishing stock, so I am allowed to order what I want from G-market!  I told them I would renew my contract for a second year, because a round trip visit home comes with contract renewal.  However, I asked to take this over Christmas vacation so it would coincide with the kids’ university breaks, since the Korean school system’s breaks are different, and that is the only time there is overlap.  There is the beastly summer as well, but that is too soon to renew the contract.  Anyway, they are discussing that option right now.

Willie went with me to CheongPyeong yesterday and gave it his seal of approval, so that makes me feel good!  And, he got to go look at some housing with me.  A very nice brand-new apartment that was cozy and had lots of natural light and nice views.  A vast improvement over an officetel, yet still overly secure and isolating.  They couldn’t really understand how I could have a problem with it, despite having written them previously about needing to be able to hear and see signs of human life around me.  So I had to explain again that I would rather live somewhere in a real neighborhood, with real people, and someplace with real character.  (not an efficient cookie cutter bee hive)  The problem is, in a town that small there really aren’t many places from which to choose.  So, the realtor asked for two days to try and dig something up, and I go back again Monday to choose a place and sign the contract.

It’s a beautiful place.  The town is sleepy.  The town folk are friendly.  The school hallways are clean and sunny, and the mountain panorama is in every window.  The principal was warm, and the co-teachers accessible and reasonable.

I’m going to like it there.

3 thoughts on “A decision has been made for me

  1. I think it’s a good decision!! Sorry it had to come along with frustrating parts, and that you will be away from Jane and TRACK. But it sounds like a beautiful area and much more supportive environment. I’m happy for you!!

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