Dear Leanne

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve gotten a few presents from my students.  Here’s one that really touched me:

Dear Leanne

Hello, I’m one of your student.  Maybe you don’t know my face or my name, but I was wishing to write a letter since I met you before.  I hope you will understand my grammer mistake.  by the way, when I first saw you , you were just normal forigner until I saw you on tv.  After I heard about your childhood I was very shock.  And my mind changed.  I thought I’m very unhappy person and I’m always in unfortune.  But I realized that I should thanks for my life, so I want to say “thank you” that you gave me a meaning gift.

I think you are very brave and you live your own life very wonderful.  I want you to be my role model.  I feel your upright mind when you campaign for adopted child.  Also I loved your mind which I can feel your imagination include “free” and open mind, I understand how much you feel hurt in Korea, or shock in our culture.  Sometime I feel sorry and ashamed of my country.  I think Korean have too many bias, and also thinking about just self profit.  Um…I think this happened which since we go through many wars and colony time.  Because everyone have to live and wanted to live…so they were busy at occupying their own things, and doing works faster whatever they have to.  I can compare this because I was shock either when I visit America at young age.  It’s very ridiculous that we are same person which have same one nose and two eyes.  But different mind…I hope you memorize just happy things in Korea, or you can learn more and think again when you disappointed at our culture.  I think Korean should be more gentle and think others and don’t try to see others with their own glasses called “prejudice”…

anyway I’m very thanks to you that you teach me not only English but also how to live in 21 century, globalization world.  This little gift which I give you is not expensive, but I wish you are happy with it.  This gift will bring you a warm and sweet Christmas.  Also I want to say you are very beautiful when you overcome your difficulties.  Thanks again and have a happy merry Christmas.  “I love you”

Anyway, I’m balling right now.  Maybe I’m a good teacher afterall.  Maybe there is hope here.

2 thoughts on “Dear Leanne

  1. Yes! Many of my students can write really well! Some would like to speak better, but it’s just impossible to give them an opportunity with a class size of 40.

    This student did leave me her name, so I am going to write her a letter today and give it to her home room teacher tomorrow. It will be the only chance I have to thank her. She is amazing. What a thoughtful girl. I can’t remember thinking about anyone but myself at that age.

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