and then there’s the reality of this…

PT  1-3 :  F2/F4

– Loc: Guri/DoNong (k123 or k124 구리/도농) on light blue(Jungang LIne)

– PT 1: WF: 10:00am-13:00 pm(3 hours)

– PT 2: WF:   7:00pm-9:00pm(2hours)

– PT 3: T,Th: 7:30-9:00pm(1.5 hours)

– Salary: 40000 won/1 hour

– Students: Adults

– Period: Year long

– Start: Jan.21-Jun.30( for 5 months)

– F4: must be looking caucasian.

Because an Asian American couldn’t possibly speak English as well as a Caucasian American.

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