Surreal Seoul

So Jane taught me a new Korean word:

분익기   boon ik ki, which means mood

It’s used when you go along with something you don’t really want to do, because you don’t want to be the one that kills the mood…

So that pretty much sums up my feelings about noraebang, which is the Korean equivalent of Karaoke.  But you know – with enough to drink. and people you like, you get caught up in the mood and everything turns out okay…

So on top of the, “I love you man!”  drunken love fest of some going on, the watermelon and ice cream cake we’d snuck in, and the little boy getting to see his mom sing like Madonna, it was a great night and we all were feeling elevated when SMACK – we run into this in the lobby as we made our way out.

It’s a gum machine.  A Holt Children’s Services gum machine.  I can’t read the Korean, so I’m HOPING it’s for the handicapped at Ilsan and NOT for post adoption services…

I mean.  Damn it.  Adoptees can’t even have a fun night out on the town without being smacked upside the head with reminders of adoption and money.

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