Korean Adoptees for Fair Records Access

For those couple of KADs who read my Hello Korea blog:

It’s been less than a day since I started this Facebook group, and there are about 5 new members every half hour.  Maybe that should tell Holt and the other international adoption agencies something, ya think?  I mean, they claim to care about the children, but that seems to only be before they are adopted.  Afterwards, we get treated like unreasonable pests. There are A LOT of us, and even if we loved our adoptive families, being treated like this can make a person RIGHTFULLY angry.

Since when was wanting to know missing years, your name, your real birth date, how you came into being, and if you were loved  unreasonable?

If this describes you and you’ve been given the run-around in pursuit of your fundamental right to know about yourself, then do sign up for our Facebook group

A facebook group for Korean adoptees who have experienced undue difficulty accessing their records.

Between 1995-2005, 76,646 adoptees have returned to Korea to search for their natural parents. That’s over 61% of all adult adoptees! Only 2,113 (2.7%) have succeeded.

Are these poor rates of success due to our prospects, or due to ADOPTION AGENCY SUCCESS AT BARRING ACCESS TO OUR DOCUMENTS?

We believe it is the latter, and we know from experience that discouraging tactics are employed to withhold records whenever possible.

The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption protects the identity of adoptees, yet despite there being 78 other member countries, S. Korea has yet to join. Current efforts to prepare for joining the Hague Convention are inadequate and rely on adoption agency cooperation, with little or no oversight.

The combined voices of the over 70,000 can not be ignored by the Korean government. We want to document our suppression, so future adoptees are not turned away with no clues about their histories and current adoptees can try again and get the proper respect they deserve and access to documents about their own lives.

If you have experienced ANY DIFFICULTY currently or in the past getting fair access to your records, please join our group and share your experience on our wall.

Please stand up and be counted – and spread the word! Tell your FB friends, other KAD groups, and KAD organizations!

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