SBS Documentary – translated w/ subtitles

So next week the subtitles should be finished for the SBS documentary.  As much as I would love to post it on Youtube for everyone, I’m going to respect SBS and not infringe on their copyright and advertising opportunities by doing so.

However, I AM going to post it as a private video for friends and family who were unable to download it from the SBS site.  I have a couple hard copies, but they do not have the subtitles on them.

Soooo,  I can allow up to 20 email addresses view the private showing.  If you’re not my immediate family and if you’d like to see it, let me know in a comment and ‘ll add your email address to my youtube private contact list.

Hopefully, there will come a time when SBS doesn’t care if it is freely distributed, but until then, this is what we’ll do…

4 thoughts on “SBS Documentary – translated w/ subtitles

  1. It seems to be all yours at this moment! We show it on the 1st at the G.O.A.L. conference, and then I’ll post it for you the next day.

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