Questioning God

The other day a Korean teacher was wearing a t-shirt that said the following:

Dear God

If you’re so important

Why aren’t you on tv?

OK.  So for the God forsaken western world, that might be funny in some circles.  But at a Christian missionary school in Korea?  I gasped and wondered how that t-shirt was okay, but my shoulder exposed was not.  I asked the others around me about this, and even though they know quite a bit of English, they quite obviously didn’t get the meaning:  they just saw God, important, tv.

I really wish I could get a job editing graphic design.

Everywhere Koreans and businesses are sporting English phrases they have no idea about.  And it hurts me to know other English readers might be snickering about them, myself included.  (like I did below)

Times like these I hate myself.

Fortunately for her, the Vice Principal and Principal have even lower English comprehension, so I guess we could all wear any shirt we wanted that talked about God in any way we wanted.

As for the English/Konglish, I don’t know if I should continue pointing it out as a study in language, or how to feel about my participation in highlighting mistakes which can be subject to ridicule.

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