Learn something new every day

Last night I got to meet the principal people working on adoption reform in Korea, and they gave me a huge bouquet of roses & lillies for sacrificing my private life in the interests of educating others about adoption.

While there, I learned another tidbit that was revealed in the show:  the amount of money the S. Korean government has given Holt for Post Adoption Services adoptee search was 8 billion won.  That’s:

$6,277,217  US dollars.

Hardly a small amount.

Holt says the Korean government hasn’t given them enough.  The Korean government rightly says, we gave you plenty of money.

Those watching say they have spent the money on adoption day marketing.   (increasing domestic quotas = more international adoption = more profits)  This is hardly post adoption services.

The Korean government should audit Holt. In fact, the Korean government should seize all their files and handle adoptee records themselves, so there is no conflict of interest.

Every day I learn more about Holt, and every day I find them more and more misguided and incompetent.

One thought on “Learn something new every day

  1. I’m glad they recognized your effort.

    It would have been better to distribute the money to the 200000 adoptees, make them pay 30$ if they want to use holt post adoption service.

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