It’s a new day

Well, since the blow-up and fall-out, Mr. Lee is showing up to every class.

I actually like the old coot in a way.  He’s absolutely worthless in regards to classroom management, but it’s also clear he has great affection for the kids and he smiles a lot.  Often I see him puzzling over the lesson and trying to do it himself.

During testing days, when I am waking up students during the exams (I have personally saved about 30 sleeping students from flunking by gently shaking them and asking, “are you finished?”)  and the other Korean English teachers are just standing around wishing someone would shoot them out of boredom and could care less if the kid stayed up all night studying and fails exam because he fell asleep mid writing, Mr. Lee walks around and also wakes up sleeping students:  only he gives them massages!  Neck and shoulder massages, followed by the Korean thumping with a closed fist.  (kind of like meat tenderizing)  This made me really like Mr. Lee a lot more.

If he keeps up this attendance, by the end of the symester he might have a record of 50:50!

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