Alter Ego 2

So for this lesson I start by putting the words RPG up on the board.  We talk about what a Role is, and then what fantasy and reality is.  Then I explain that Ego is our real selves, and that Alter Ego is our fantasy selves.  Then I talk about my alter ego, underdog.  And show them this video clip:

I go through the example of describing my Alter Ego with the 5W’s and 1 H and then ask them to do it.

Ahhh, the boys are coming through again!  Here are some of today’s great Alter Egos:

Alter Ego

Who:  God

What:  make many things

Why:  Because I can’t do everything

Where:  Every where

When:  Every time

How:  Any ways


Alter Ego

Who:  Garfield

What:  a lazy cat…

When:  Whenever there is food, and a place to sleep

Where:  Wherever there is lasagna…even if it’s Monday

Why:  He loves to eat and sleep

How:  by gulping like a pig and sleeping like a log…


Alter Ego

Who:  my teacher

What:  our classmate have hit

Why:  because our friends break up the rule

Where:  wherever our world

When:  wherever our school

How:  by hitting the head and laughing


I just want to add that my toy hammer (used on a t.v. commercial) is a smash (no pun intended) success in all the boy classrooms!  The boys think it’s absolutely hilarious and just roar in laughter when I pull it out from my Hello Kitty bag, and with a big grin I take giant steps and sneak up on the sleeping boy and then make a big exaggerated swing.  I hold it up over his head and wait to see if his neighbors wake him up or not.  If they don’t, I gently bring it down on his head.  I made the mistake of letting some of the boys do this (they volunteered, and begged to) and of course they did it too hard, so I don’t allow that anymore.  A couple gentle taps and they are shamed into staying awake.  Everybody loves it!

ahh, this lesson was big fun.  I think I’m breaking through!

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