I was at YTN studios filming my birth family appeal, and the following few days it still wasn’t posted on their website.  After which came the problems with my school district coming to a head, so I forgot to check.  Anyway, it’s there now and probably been there for over a week, so HERE IT IS.

That is my post bronchitis voice, btw, and whoa!  note to self – don’t flat iron hair before going on t.v.!  Which, actually IS a note to myself, because SBS t.v. is coming to film an interview at my apartment Monday.  Crazy!  I guess the media really likes that I’m so open saying I think HOLT SUCKS…

Oh, and btw, Holt, if you’re reading this – an abused adoptee is entitled to her OPINION, so go ahead and send me some more registered mail…

4 thoughts on “YTN

  1. That music is too much! You’re so articulate in all of these videos, it’s amazing.

  2. ha ha ha! they did a LOT of editing on this one!

    The real articulation is what I sent to Hankyoreh21. My tutor is going to roughly translate the article for me this weekend, so I can’t wait to share that with you.

    She says the article is titled, “Me, # 4708 – The truth of the adoption industry that no one is responsible for.” Holt is gonna love this…

  3. Hahaha. Earlier, I wanted to add my voice to your voice but the link to the comment was too slow.
    I just got this post through google alert and it reminded me to come back to say “HOLT SUCKS!”
    In case the Holt would be reading you, I put my link to my blog post where I wrote down about their lies. I wonder if they will ask someone to translate it from French to English.

    Even the best actors get lot of editings. You were perfect at this video.

  4. Thanks, Myung-sook!

    I tried to read your link, but have lost so much French vocabulary – so sad. It really is lame being mono-lingual.

    The thing that sucks most about HOLT is that they were the model for all international adoption agencies to follow. The thing that sucks about their methods is that they would still be shipping babies in cardboard boxes with air holes if the public hadn’t been made aware of it. They can justify anything, and the buying public will go along with it until their practices are exposed for their inhumanity – in the name of “saving” children.

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