Alter Ego 1

So my lesson this week was on alter ego’s.

There’s still another day left to the week, and am hoping to collect some interesting examples, but unfortunately some of the best ones were earlier in the week.  Here is one I had the presence of mind to save:

Alter Ego

who:  Obama

what (does he do):  kill white

why:  because white is a bad men

when:  whenever he want

where:  wherever in America

how:  by use gun

yikes!  I know the kid was just being funny, but it’s still disturbing…

Anti Japanese dogma has also appeared in some of these as well.  Interestingly, there have been several boys who chose past leaders in Korean history, as well as Hitler, (very funny – not) Jesus, and Ghandi!  There were also a couple of comediennes listed, as well as some Korean names that were listed because they were kind and, of course, some characters from RPG games.  I must say, the girls were not nearly as creative…


Some more chosen alter egos were:  Warren Buffet, Bill Gates (4 times), someone who can walk on water, Walt Disney, The Incredibles (first time someone chose multiple characters), a time traveller, a person who can not get hurt, an arab princess.

Oh!  and I almost forgot to add:  Leanne Leith.  Why?  Because she is very clever.

I’m especially proud of this because it was in the worst boy’s class, and I can’t give grades so there’s absolutely no reason the boy would need to flatter me!  ha ha ha!  Me – clever!

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