Cover girl

OK.  I’m totally sick and shivering and feverish, so all those things I wanted to post will just have to wait, as well as replies to your comments, but I thought you should see this, before I sleep 40 hours straight.

On sale at newsstands today.

Damnit.  I wish they would stop sharing food…I wonder if all the adoptees at my table got this bug?

7 thoughts on “Cover girl

  1. That’s awesome! fantastic!
    I’m so proud of you!
    I was thinking of my KADs feloows in Korea, particularly of you, Jane and Chris, all the weekend.

  2. thanks everyone! i think i was just in the right place at the right time. the reporter said my candor was refreshing, and that it might make the Korean people more sympathetic.

    myung-sook, who’s Chris?

  3. I realize I never talked to you about Chris.
    Chris, or Chulkyu, went back to Korea last year. I’ve been corresponding with him regarding adoption before his moving there.
    KADs world is a small world. Once I wrote you all an email, without knowing he was living at the same place than Jane.
    Guess what I’m thinking….

  4. “Guess what I’m thinking…”

    Ut Oh! Last time you had a guessing game, I LOST and never found out the right answer!

    I am guessing you are thinking like a matchmaker…

    Jane was doing that a little of that on Sunday as well. The teachers at school talk about it too, and I am like, “show me the money.” (that comes from an American movie, and means “prove it!”)

    I am the kind of person who likes things to take place naturally, but since the prospects of that happening here seem slim to none, I might have to change my position on this very soon…

    Being Mary Tyler Moore at middle age by yourself is no fun.

  5. Yep. I was thinking like a matchmaker.
    Jane said Chris is perfect. I thought they could become a perfect match but she said, no he is a perfect as a roommate,that’s all. Now, I was thinking Suki and Chris could be a perfect match…

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