For the Kids

it’s 4:15 am,

and another monday morning where I’ve had insomnia all night.

and another time I’ve just given up attempting to sleep and decided to cook.  rice.  pre-marinated bulkogi.  getting-past-their-prime side dishes.  maybe if i’m ambitious, i’ll make a salad before those vegetables, too, are past their prime.

i think maybe it might be that i’m dreading school in the morning, and also that i’ve not locked down my lesson plan for the week.  i’m running out of creative things to do with these sometimes lovable, often times monster kids.

i’ve decided to mention adoption, since i can.  like all the other rules i’ve not found out about until they are broken, nobody has told me i can’t talk about anything political, so might as well.

so we’ll start with the music video of the day being Sol Flower’s Kiss the Kids.

here is a photo of me, handing out flyers to Seoul pedestrians Sunday.

there were about six different news media there, t.v. and print.  Jane gave lots of interviews, and a few of the rest of us also got photographed, video’d, and interviewed.   it was a tough crowd – residents of Seoul are used to lots of protesters – and they are wary of getting literature pressed into their hands.

adoption week has kind of worn me out, but i feel good about it too.  been interviewed twice this week, and beginning to think i should have some of my responses codified by now, but of course, i don’t.

more later, ate too much and now i’m comatose.  maybe i can squeeze in a nap before school starts.  still don’t know what the heck to do with them.  oh, it makes me just want to stay in bed…

2 thoughts on “For the Kids

  1. Jack said admiringly, looking at this photo, “Man, she doesn’t do anything halfway.”

    I said, “That’s why I love her so much.”

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