For Kelly

So the Seoul Folk Flea Market was awesome – more on that later, but I did want to throw this in here for you, before I try and cram for my Korean lesson, which I have neglected all week.

I went.  I saw.  I, unfortunately, didn’t make it up to the second floor to see the sex toy shop you spoke of.

I did, however, spend my last 10,000 won on this:

It’s a mouth organ.  What more does a girl need?

…awaiting your comments…

2 thoughts on “For Kelly

  1. omg hahah a mouth organ, pretty much the same thing as a sex toy. lol. you really do need to go back and check out upstairs. you will die. omg.

  2. that i will. only i really can do without the lube demonstration you spoke of…

    and it was really creepy going to that subway station, which was ENTIRELY devoid of any people. made me feel like i’d stepped into the twilight zone.

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