Given that folk culture was so, umm, graphic, I find it really confusing why when I am wearing clothing head to toe except for my arms, I get counseled by my vice principle today that I need to have my upper arms covered.  I mean, I had a cowl necked tunic on.  It was sleeveless, but not like it had spaghetti straps or anything!

And it seems so unfair, and (I realize this is totally cultural) perplexing.  When we see mini skirts all through the coldest days of winter and when we see skirts so short you can see the crotch of girl’s underwear.  That’s okay.  But part of my shoulder showing is not.

I think my shoulders must have turned him on or something.  Yet another rule I learn about only AFTER I have broken it…I should wear a burka on Monday in protest.

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