sign UP!

He he, (that’s kind of a Konglish way of saying the signs are improving)

Right now as I type, on Donga tv. (channel 302 if you have Cable & More [C&M]) is a series featuring single women thriving.  It’s called, “Single Mom Story”  THIS is the kind of thing we need to see more of!  And we will…

Here, “story” is used correctly, but here in Korea it’s used to an insane degree and most of the time it makes no sense:  color story, food story, living story, wellness story, beauty story, etc.  I think it’s used as a way to paint a scene and set a mood.  But that’s only a guess.

Sorry again for not writing.  I’m totally oppressed by my editing duties – even though the bulk of the adoptee reunion stories have not come in yet – and I spend inordinate amounts of time avoiding the task in front of me.  I struggle with the authors who add too many commas, don’t use enough commas, use commas wrong, etc.  I struggle to split the difference between correct grammar (though I’m far from an expert on this) and their individual voices, which run the gamut from total non-writers to PhD candidates.  And it’s hard for me because I have always been one who manages to miss something.  And there’s so little time that I know I will miss a lot.  The agenda to focus on the need to improve family search services has escaped most of them as they reflect on their experience, and I have to gently ask them to remind them.  The stories themselves have made me think about the journey we adoptees have to take: the adoption story nobody thinks about.  Which started some post writing but which is still unresolved…

I’m also feeling like a chump because I’m just not a playful person and Momo is starting to act out again by pouncing on me and biting my feet.  She has always had this weird habit of leaving the room and crying.  Attempts to find out what was causing the upset would always stop whatever she was doing so I could never figure out what was going on.  I finally realized she was going into the bathroom for this, and with some stealth I finally managed to catch her.  She lays on or in the bathroom sink and isn’t doing anything special, just laying there lowing/howling/crying.  I tried turning on the water for her, as she likes to drink from the faucet, but that rarely interests her.  As soon as I show up, she leaves.  Twice I’ve heard water running and it seems she has learned to turn the water on by herself but doesn’t worry about the bills and doesn’t have the decency to turn it off when she’s finished.  Just now I heard a downpour and wondered if there was a problem with the plumbing, but it was just the shower which she’d turned on.  As I finish typing this, she’s started her crying again.

Short of getting her another companion (I’ve offered to foster, but people are offended when I say I can’t afford extensive vet bills) I don’t know what to do for her.  I’m not sorry for her company, but I’m sorry she got me as a mom and not somebody more her style.  And it would be nice to not feel like I was neglecting her all the time.

Well, it’s Saturday after payday and I must trek to the next town to transfer money to my US bills and stock up on supplies and give my kitty even more neglect.  Instead of going into Seoul to see the Gwangjang market as I’d planned, I wasted the morning.  I have this sense of anxiety that the next year will be like today:  adoption work looming over my head, wanting to pack in the remainder of my time with excursions to see/learn/do more in Korea and yet staying at home, doing nothing but struggling with my companion pet that doesn’t want my hugs and wants to spar instead.

Approaching a month since my surgery and my distance vision has still not corrected itself yet.  I think it’s supposed to be better than this at this point, though it does take up to three months.  I’m just anxious for it to stabilize so I can determine what kind of reading glasses to get, as I am on the computer all the time and I’m sure the strain takes its toll, though I’m not sure how much.  I’d just like to be finished is all and wish my eyes had been suitable for the one day of discomfort life-is-beautiful, I can see perfectly immediately lasik surgery instead.  Even though I know that’s stupid because I am conservative by nature and was always going to go the safer route.  It’s just soooo slow….

Well, enough moaning from me.  Must get going so I can get home before the sun goes down…

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