SNL Korea rocks!

Watching it right now. The even though it’s in Korean and I can’t understand most of it, it’s still funny.  And joy of joys, it is NOT slapstick!

Same jazzy Manhattan intro music, same live sets, same intro, i.e., same format in all ways.  And, after a brief comedic film short, the first act takes place in the National Assembly!

They’ve got some Senators in a meeting room. At the head of the room is a blackboard with a map of the National Assembly floor and a football coach, mapping out strategies for the assembly’s session of contact sport law-making.

Here’s a great editorial review of the first episode last week, which talks much better about how from the very first skit they proved their not afraid to take sensitive issues in Korea head on.

The show’s first skit – following a performance from musical guest, Dynamic Duo – set the tone for everything else to follow. The show’s producers are seen gathered around a conference table, discussing the material set to be broadcast later that day. The following conversation ensues:

“How can you think of writing the real names of political parties? And who’s Myung Bak? Is he your friend? How can you write his name like this? … You’ll go to jail! You, me, everyone here! No one mention political parties from now on!”

“But Saturday Night Live originally has a strong focus on political and cultural parodies, so shouldn’t we also…”

“Do you want to get fired? If you want to write about that, wait until next year when the administration changes.”

“What if it doesn’t change?”

“Why shouldn’t it change? Then just wait five more years!”

The show also didn’t leave Congress out of its line of fire:

“Is this skit about Congress? Why does it only show people fighting for no reason?”

And yes, it even has weekend update!  Which is also delivered in Dennis Miller style…

OMG, this is so great.  Hopefully this will spell the end of ridiculous defamation lawsuits in Korea.  Let satire reign!

2 thoughts on “SNL Korea rocks!

  1. there are a couple of skits on the show “gag concert” that also focus on political and social issues. which is really interesting because Gag Concert is very, very mainstream and has a wide spread audience.

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