anarchy and collectivism in the classroom

So today I get to the class that literally smelled like shit last week and >of course< the projector doesn’t work for my power point presentation.  During the down time I ask to collect the punishment assignment from last week.

One student hands in the assignment.

The leader of the gang in the back says, “NO!”  and all pandemonium breaks out as about six others start arguing with me about the fairness of it or one of them produces a book they didn’t have last time.  I tell them this isn’t just about the book.  This is about them being late, being rude, talking, disrespecting me, and never being prepared to learn  They continue to argue.  I tell them this is not for debate.  I outline again how I already told them that if they don’t do this assignment they will get a zero on the exam.  “I DON’T CARE!” says the one.  Or, “Hangukmal!”  pretending he doesn’t understand me OR the Korean teacher’s translations.  I tell them they have had A WEEK to complete it and now they have 40 more minutes, the choice is up to them.

I turn to the co-teacher and say, there is anarchy in this classroom.  We can’t let this continue.  And she says, “I know…  I don’t want it either.”  So WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? She just shrugs.

I survey the room, and nobody is doing anything.  I tell them if they are smart they will get out paper and pencil and finish up as much as they can.  Most of the class are good kids, but they are psychologically hijacked by the cocky assholes giving me a hard time.  I tell a few of them they can’t afford to get a zero from me, and I walk around and encourage some especially bright kids (but popular kids) to not be like their pabo friends and that they are too smart to hurt their own grades.

I leave the classroom and tell them I will be back at 25 after to collect what they have done.  There are about four students writing…

It’s like I’m teaching 13 year old morons…


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