my little beast

I don't know what she has against Kleenex, but no box is safe around her!
she likes walking around with the feather duster - even though it's the same size as her!
my arm is feeling this box's pain
dreaming of a suntan
posing for the beefcake shot
not above flirting

6 thoughts on “my little beast

  1. Yes, but half the time I have to cover myself in a sheet so it isn’t her teeth breaking through my bare flesh, and it’s hard to walk anywhere without stepping on her as she attacks my ankles. And I can’t do anything self absorbed anymore…

    In tender moments, I slip up and call her June, the cat I’m still grieving over losing, and then I apologize to her while at the same time resenting her for being so damned difficult.

    Hopefully she’ll grow out of some of this and I’ll remember this time with fondness as a hurdle we overcame. But right now I’m often demoralized. Fortunately, her cute-ness and her almost perverse need to continue nursing my earlobe keeps me on track. I am independent no longer! But it is nice to have someone happy to see me when I get home, even if they do bite me five minutes later…

  2. Yes! She’s really adorable when she does that! So many more cute shots I miss because the camera makes noise when the lens pops out!

    The tryptophan seems to work a little right after she eats, but she still has this explosion of biting energy later. I’m playing around with the dosage. It would be nice if I could just give her a nightcap, but it needs to go with food and she’s already eaten much earlier.

    I’ll send you the money next week after payday, okay? Also, should I send you your ajumma pants now or wait until you’re in California?

    Happy Chuseok!!!!

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