At times of upset, some turn to chocolate

I turn to shoes…

I’m one of those people who could have good taste, if they only had a little money.  But since I don’t, I usually just get the cheapest, least objectionable thing I can find that meets my needs at the moment.  Well, after 2.5 years here in Korea, my need at the moment is indulging in ME, and nothing satisfies like shoes:  not chocolate, not drugs, not alcohol.  Nope, it’s got to be shoes.   Like I told Sara when she was very young – a sharp pair of shoes can make total rags look chic.  And you know I’m a simple girl, so I don’t know what /where I got the shoe fetish from.

Now, that’s always been a tall order since I wear a 5 narrow or a 4.5 medium, depending on the cut of the shoe.  NOT easy to get a fashionable shoe fix with those requirements!   Very few manufacturers make shoes that fit, and if they do they are usually only designer shoes I can only drool over or not worthy of being worn in public.  Once in a blue moon I can find a vintage shoe, but they usually only have half a dozen wearings left in them before they fall apart.  Nordstrom’s rack (the clearance store for Seattle’s oldest department store which started out as a shoe store and which are famous for their huge selection) will occasionally have a non-matronly midget shoe, but they are usually the kind of shoe only good for one costumed event. Or, once in a blue moon I’ll have a little money and can hit a year-end clearance sale at Fluevog, but the shoes I really covet still don’t seem to be there in my size and are still expensive even on sale.  I would even haunt the children’s sections in search of anything without cartoons or kiddie cute ornamentation, that might be made out of material that will last more than half a season.  Again, a tall order.

That’s what I was SO EXCITED to come to Korea and look for small shoes.  Only here, my size is STILL hard to find and STILL the least fashionable and STILL made of the cheapest materials.  Mostly I can only find plastic things that give you blisters and you throw them away.  And again, if I find a pair I like that’s in my size, I can’t afford it.

So that’s why when I saw one of the above shoes for 75% off, I had to buy it.  And that’s why I went back three days later and bought four more.  NOW I can come back to the states a happy woman!    Well-made, comfortable, (believe it or not, the stilettos are REALLY comfortable!)  well-fitting, stylish shoes are such a rare, rare experience for me, you just don’t know.  Shoes worth $700  altogether earlier this year.   The rest of my stay here my funds will all be spent in preparation to leave and send things to my daughter, so I had to get these before they disappear.

Stupid me, I forgot I have to eat for another whole week, but fortunately the 100 won piggy bank is full again.  Besides, the shoes are inspiring.  I need to stop eating popsickles and pat binsu anyway, so I can fit into skinny clothes again. Normally, I’d be walking around with buyer’s remorse and beating myself up for being such a spendthrift.  But I haven’t spent anything on myself here, and something’s different this time.  Something tells me I deserve it.

2 thoughts on “At times of upset, some turn to chocolate

  1. You do deserve it and those shoes are fabulous! I hope you got the grey ones. And you also deserve to eat patbingsu every day.

  2. Thanks! I got ALL OF THEM! mUA ha Ha!!!

    Only problem is, there aren’t any proportionately short enough clothes in my school-marm closet to go with the stillettos. I also don’t want to screw them up riding my bike to school, so I’m just saving them for Vegas…

    If I’m going to wear short skirts then I have to lay off the patbingsu, though. Fortunately they sell it by the cup here in my little town so it’s possible to indulge now and then!

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